In our previous article about ETFs our CEO Michael Strutton analyzed how the creation of one could easily bring the value of BTC up to $35,000. Yes, $35k. That may seem far fetched, but consider what would have happened if you mentioned that ETFs were even a possibility for crypto even just a few years ago. All the naysayers and doubters would have laughed you out of their lives, saying that that ‘drug coin’ could never be considered legitimate.

But yet, here we are, and ETFs are being discussed not as an if, but as a when. I won’t dive into the details and timelines around crypto ETFs, because those rumors swirl around crypto sphere, constantly changing. What I will do is drop this one image of a time we had the first ETF for an asset.

Gold ETF vs BTC
Gold ETF vs BTC


Take from that what you will. I say we haven’t seen anything yet.


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