State of the Market

BTC Market Dominance: 54.5%
Overall Market Cap: 205 Billion

Crypto is recovering today from a massive day in the red on the 5th. Yesterday there was an ~20% downfall in the overall market cap, due to large sums of BTC being market sold. Most coins have continued to bleed out some, with a very few making a slight recovery, but nowhere near the previous local highs this week.

Top Notable Winners

MCO: +6%
XRP: +3.5%
QASH: +1.5%
HOT: +1%

Top Notable Losers

KMD: -11%
REP: -9.6%
ARK: -8.8%
ICX: -8.1%

Project Updates


  1. ARK AMA with Hiway team in ARK Slack 9/6 *tweeted
  2. August update recap


  1.  MAU growth close to 500k per month and growing.
  2. Kevin Rooke claims MAU is on pace to break 6 Mil by dec 2018 and 30k verified channels shortly after.
  3. DR Johnny Ryan BAT Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer AMA 9/5


  1. New Medium article from Jonny Huxtable of Linkpool
  2. Artificial Lawyer article “ChainLink: Solving the Smart Contract Fiat Money Problem”


  1.  Demonstration of Nucypher capabilities:
  2. Community Update #9:
  3. Community Update #10:


  1. Roadmap Update: