Each month Ironwood publishes a Market Update. The July edition covers:

The Pattern of Patterns — how will this analysis play out for Bitcoin?
Bullish Wolfe Wave — is Bitcoin headed to $17K?
Descending Triangle — could Bitcoin take a dip to $5K or even $3K?
Get the read on Etherum from our top analysts!
The current health of the Altcoin market and which Alts to watch.

In the cryptocurrency market, we love the volatility, the constant influx of new exchange listings, and the potential gains to be made from all this excitement. How long have you been looking at your bags and thought to yourself, “Maybe I will eventually have my money back”? This is the case for many, and while you may not realize it, we are on the verge of a very nice run up to a potential five figure number for Bitcoin. There are a couple of indicators and hints on the technical side that suggest this run could be in store. (READ MORE)

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