June 5th, Ironwood Research Group hosted an AMA with Jamie Skella, Co-Founder of Horizon State, an Australian blockchain company that is bringing undeniable confidence in voting and decision-making. We were thrilled to host this event, and the discussion has only bolstered our confidence and admiration of Horizon State — one of the best use cases we have encountered for blockchain actually providing tangible benefits to the world by revolutionizing traditional systems that, in many cases, are in dire need of reform.

Some key highlights were:

  • Overview of use cases with governmental bodies, enterprise, NGOs, religious organizations, and more
  • How individuals will potentially interface with HST: digital interfaces at polling stations and simple Web 2.0 apps, depending on the situation
  • Why blockchain is so much more cost-effective, efficient, and honest than traditional systems
  • In late-stage conversations with a national government
  • Discussions about HST’s discussions with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030, Red Cross Australia, WWF, and more
  • An update on their collaboration with SAP — primarily their public services and smart cities teams
  • HST’s relationship with MiVote and coming work in an Indian election
  • A pilot in Indonesia with 3.5 million people participating later this year
  • Competitors to HST, and how their offering’s differentiation places them above
  • How exactly the HST token is utilized
  • Securing the identity of voters and decision-makers
  • In talks with three of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, with 3–5 listings coming before end-of-year and one “close to immediately”
  • Audience Q&A

We’d like to thank again Jamie and all viewers for joining us!
Stay tuned for more AMA events!

Horizon State is introducing a unique use for blockchain. They have successfully created a working product that is already being used, with wide-ranging plans and potential for future developments in 2018. With the cost savings, added security, and transparency that a blockchain offers voting and decision making, this platform has tremendous potential for mainstream adoption.

Jamie Skella

Co-Founder at Horizon State

Former Director of UX at Tatts Group and the Australian Football League. Jamie also devised and directed the development of MiVote’sblockchain voting MVP.
Skrilla, Board of Advisors

Biased toward possibility. I’ve dedicated 20 years to identifying and seizing emerging technology opportunities. That time has been spent building teams, capabilities, and experiences across blockchain, IoT, machine learning, esports, virtual reality, future food, and more. Find me on Twitter: twitter.com/JamieSkella