Atonomi is a security protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT). The base technology for their token offering is developed by its parent company CENTRI Technology. By connecting IoT devices without a traditional network infrastructure, Atonomi aims for an ecosystem that identifies and verifies the activities of the IoT devices within the system. The project itself is a protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain, and it aims to provide one of the most sought-after features in the fast growing IoT market: security. Atonomi has a MVP to be announced soon and plans to launch the network on May 15th.[1]

Token/ICO details

Ticker: ATMI
Token type: ERC20
Hard cap: $25m
Crowdsale token price: $0.05
Total supply: 1 billion tokens
For sale: 500 million tokens
Distribution: Will be announced before the tokensale begins

Token Utility

ATMI is used to pay fees associated with creating a device’s immutable identity through smart contracts. In addition to that, the identity and reputation of devices in the ecosystem are tokenized. To give incentive to device manufacturers and device owners to participate in the Atonomi Network, auditors are rewarded with ATMI tokens for their service.

The Team

Vaughan Emery
– CEO & Founder (January 2017 — today) and CENTRI Technology (May 2010 — today)
– Ten years of experience as a business analyst at Fairchild and Weyerhaeuser- Managing partner at ITSource for 15 years.

David Fragale
– CPO & Co-Founder
– Financial Analyst at US Department of Defense
– Management Consultant for ten years and Director for Strategic Threat Management for two years at PricewaterhouseCoopers
– Founder and CEO of Raven Rock Ventures

Michael Mackey
– CTO & VP at CENTRI Technology for eight years
– Development Manager for the Cobalt Group for seven years
– Director in Engineering & Architecture for Nuance Communication

Luis Paris
– CS at CENTRI Technology
– Associate Professor of CIS at Harrisburg University for seven years

Andrii Zamovsky
– SDP with Atonomi
– Founder of Ambisafe and NoveltyLab


Dr. Ulf Lindqvist
– Senior Technical Director at SRI International
– Leads the SRI’s IoT Security and Privacy Center

Dr. John Henry Clippinger
– Advisor for Bancor, Evident Proof, Smart Valor
– CIO for Swytch

Dr. David Kravit
– VP of Crypto Systems Research
– Technical Staff member at Motorola for 5 years and Certicom for one year
– Lead of Cryptographic security at TrustCentral


– Experienced founders and team in the IoT security field (CENTRI Technology)
– Strong advisors with a strong IoT and crypto background
– Great use case of a token and blockchain in general
– Partnerships with Microsoft, Flex, Intel, Arm
– Fully functional product to be launched on May 15th.


– Competition for this space will likely increase in the near future (IOTA, Hdac)
– No visible roadmap with concrete timelines (previous roadmap was removed from the whitepaper)


For those interested in a much deeper breakdown of Atonomi, read our full report here.

Whitelisting for the ICO was just announced today, May 3rd, so please visit Atonomi’s website if you are interested in contributing. Atonomi is one of the more popular and promising ICOs of late, so it is suggested to apply soon if you are interested in contributing.



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